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Exceptionally low priced; weight dependent polypro shell; intrinsic forefoot post; any rearfoot post; any heel cup depth; EVA topcover to any length; NO ACCOMMODATIONS or VARIATIONS



Exceptionally low priced advanced biomechanical options; weight dependent polypro shell; intrinsic forefoot post; deep heel cup; extrinsic neutral rearfoot post; medial skive; forefoot inversion; any length EVA topcover; NO ACCOMMODATIONS or VARIATIONS See further information at: Diagnosis-specific Orthoses

Prescription Orthotics

Precision manufactures a wide variety of functional and accommodative prescription foot orthoses which provide treatment for all major biomechanical disorders.

Foot Scanning

Precision offers the easiest to use and most technologically advanced patient foot scanning system for single or multiple office locations.


Precision carries the full complement of OTC and prescription Richie Braces for treatment of a wide variety of diseases requiring foot and ankle immobilization or motion limitation.

Prefab Orthotics

Precision created two lines of prefabricated foot orthoses to address all your patients’ needs for rapid relief of pronation-related discomfort and arch support issues.