Since 1979, when Precision was founded, our goal has been to provide products and services that continuously exceed your expectations for quality, affordability and accountability. Nearly 40 years later, we remain committed to the same values: improving the health of our client’s patients; employing the latest advancements in biomechanics, evidence based medicine, and healthcare technology; and maintaining sensible pricing.

Committed to remaining in the forefront of modern orthotic design and manufacture, we were one of the early labs to utilize the Sharp Shape Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System (AOMS) developed by Dr. Alex Shang. This widely used orthotic-specific system, combines optical laser scanning with custom software, to assure enhanced clinical outcomes based on the most biomechanically accurate interpretation, manipulation and correction of your patient’s scans. AOMS also allows for long-term storage of scan and correction data, making repeat orders and adjustments easy without having to re-scan or re-cast your patients’ feet.

Precision is located in West Deptford, NJ, across the Delaware River from the Philadelphia International Airport. In-house production takes five working days, and includes free pick-up service in our local area. Additional and enhanced production and shipping options are available.

Prescription Orthotics

Precision manufactures a wide variety of functional and accommodative prescription foot orthoses which provide treatment for all major biomechanical disorders.

Foot Scanning

Precision offers the easiest to use and most technologically advanced patient foot scanning system for single or multiple office locations.


Precision carries the full complement of OTC and prescription Richie Braces for treatment of a wide variety of diseases requiring foot and ankle immobilization or motion limitation.

Prefab Orthotics

Precision created two lines of prefabricated foot orthoses to address all your patients’ needs for rapid relief of pronation-related discomfort and arch support issues.