BRACES... Richie Brace

Precision offers a complete line of Richie Custom, and OTC lower extremity braces, including:

The Richie Brace
  • Richie Brace (Standard) for mild to moderate PTTD and chronic ankle instability; add Restricted Hinge Pivot for DJD of ankle or rearfoot, or mild dropfoot; add Medial Arch Suspender for severe PTTD
  • Dynamic Assist for post CVA; Charcot disease; diabetic neuropathy; mild muscular dystrophy; spinal cord injury
  • Gauntlet for adult acquired flatfoot; severe DJD; Charcot arthropathy, partial dropfoot
  • California AFO for rigid, non-reducible adult acquired flatfoot; severe DVD; Charcot arthropathy
  • Solid AFO for severe dropfoot spasticity; Charcot arthropathy

The following OTC products are also available:

  • OTC Ankle for acute ankle sprain; tendinopathy of foot/ankle
  • OTC Dynamic Assist for stabilization of foot/ankle for post CVA patient mild muscular dystrophy; Charcot disease; post spinal cord surgery; diabetic neuropathy.
The Richie Brace Styles

Prescription Orthotics

Precision manufactures a wide variety of functional and accommodative prescription foot orthoses which provide treatment for all major biomechanical disorders.

Foot Scanning

Precision offers the easiest to use and most technologically advanced patient foot scanning system for single or multiple office locations.


Precision carries the full complement of OTC and prescription Richie Braces for treatment of a wide variety of diseases requiring foot and ankle immobilization or motion limitation.

Prefab Orthotics

Precision created two lines of prefabricated foot orthoses to address all your patients’ needs for rapid relief of pronation-related discomfort and arch support issues.